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How Does a Defrosting Tray Work?

ThawTable - Defrosting Food Reimagined - Best Defrosting Tray And Kitchen Accessory Of 2021 - Find Out How Does A Defrosting Tray Work - Best Way to Defrost Meat, Veggies quickly and safely online

ThawTable is made of high-density aluminum, which can conduct heat faster. The thawing process is 100% physical. Absolutely no chemicals or electricity is used, and no pre-heating or hot water is necessary. As opposed to microwaves and toaster ovens that partially cook the food during the defrosting process, the tray defrosts the meat safely and quickly.

Without a need to use chemicals, water or electricity to defrost your food, it can enable you to save money and simultaneously help save the environment! Skip filling up a large tub of room temperature water and topping it off through out the day, while your meat thaws. ThawTable Defrosting Tray is dishwasher safe so when you are finished using your thawing tray you won't have to spend any extra time on cleaning. It is every kitchen lover's dream come true!

ThawTable Defrosting Tray will defrost frozen solid meats, vegetables, poultry, or fish in minutes.

Leaving meat out at room temperature on a regular plate for a long period of time is unhygienic, allowing harmful bacteria to spread and build up. Protect your family and friends from food borne illness and defrost properly.

Learn more about the perks and safety of switching to a defrosting tray.

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