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We Tried Crowd Cow….and We Loved It!

We Tried Crowd Cow….and We Loved It!

First let us start out with the marbled madness, AKA what we ordered. Our ordered consisted of the following:

ThawTable The Best way to defrost dry Aged and wagyu New York strip and Porterhouse From Crowd Cow

1lb Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak - Meyers Natural Prime Beef Farm
10oz Dry Aged New York Steak - Meyers Natural Prime Beef Farm
12oz New York Strip Steak - W. Black Wagyu Farm
1lb Ground Beef - True Grit Cattle Co Farm (2) (They tossed this in for free !!!)

Right away our eyes gravitated to this delicious looking Wagyu New York strip steak from W. Black Wagyu Farm that Crowd Cow had sourced!

ThawTable The Best way to defrost Frozen Wagyu Steak

We cooked our New York strip right out of the box. While we wanted to spoil ourselves with the Wagyu from W. Black Wagyu Farms, we figured we wouldn’t spoil ourselves off the bat and would work our way up from the 45-Day dry aged strip from Meyers Natural Prime Beef(8oz).

ThawTable The Best way to defrost dry Aged New York strip and From Crowd Cow
Off the bat you can see the great quality of the steak. One of the things that sets itself apart, is the marbling. Cooking this NY Strip only made us wonder why we haven’t had a recurring order of steaks coming in the mail already!

When it came to the ground beef we really loved the quality. With ground beef this is something we had really skipped over seeking out a quality source and premium quality before. We were fortunate to grow up with access to local grass fed beef and at the opportunity we have always taken advantage of it, but when seeking it out outside of the house we’ve often defaulted to super market ground beef. Looking back on this and even thinking about skipping over our local butcher to get some ground beef, we defaulted to the easy option of mystery meat in the supermarket, we were missing out on a lot. In hindsight and after having the ground beef from True Grit Cattle Co Farm, provided by Crowd Cow, we found what we’ve been missing out on.

ThawTable The Best way to defrost Frozen Ground Beef From Crowd Cow
With ground beef the first two things that float my mind are burgers and meatballs. We went with burgers! All things considered, I am very much open to expanding this default list of what to cook with ground beef, to more than two options. With roughly 20 percent fat, True Grits mix was great, the flavor was there, we were content.(Leave a ground beef recipe suggestion in the comments below!)

ThawTable The Best way to defrost a Frozen porterhouse steak From Crowd Cow
We are counting down the meals until we get to our Wagyu New York Strip and Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak but we are already looking at planning our next meat box! Want to stock up and cook directly from fisheries and ranchers, then head to Crowd Cow and give them a try.

We put together some of the current deals and offers they have going on HERE.


Please note that ThawTable is an affiliate of Crowd Cow and may receive commission for any links included on this page.

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