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Why We Switched To A ThawTable Defrosting Tray

ThawTable - Defrosting Food Reimagined - Best Defrosting Tray And Kitchen Accessory Of 2021 - Find Out How Does A Defrosting Tray Work - Best Way to Defrost Meat, Veggies quickly and safely

Like most of us, we started ThawTable with a personal problem, always forgetting to pull our meat from the freezer in time to defrost to eat.

With ThawTable defrosting tray, skip the nightmarish defrosting process and put a stop to throwing out frozen cuts and ruined meals.

No matter what meal your making, having a personal steak and veggies, or BBQing for the whole crew during the game, ThawTable expedites the sluggish thawing process and helps you quickly and safely get the meal on the table. ThawTables Defrosting tray comes in three sizes, from our most popular Family Size Defrost Tray, our Medium Size Defrost Tray, to our Travel Size Defrost Tray. Whether you are thinking about thawing those rock-solid chicken breasts, wagyu steaks you’ve had tucked away, or some frozen veggies from your garden, the ThawTable is the way to defrost your food.

Before ThawTable, we went through the rookie mistakes of a quick nuke in the microwave, which ends up actually cooking the food and not defrosting it. Now you have meat with a frozen center and slightly cooked outside. We can assure you, your pan or grill will not enjoy trying to cook that and neither will you enjoy eating it.

We briefly settled with the warm water trick, but who likes constantly adding room temperate water to the bowl…and yes, we’ve even been in such a rush to where we used slightly hot water and more so ended up with a partially SousVide steak. Sounds cool, but we can assure you its not ideal for a meal. To top it off, the water trick really failed us after had a nice cut of meat which we thought was sealed, but in fact, the plastic wrap came off during the water soak and we found ourselves with a waterlogged steak. A final straw to say the least.

ThawTable has you covered with the missing ingredient for your kitchen and house!

When defrosting food we wanted to consider a few important pieces:

Food Safety: The USDA(United States Department of Agriculture) highlights thawing trays as a safe thawing method. By using alternative thawing methods, like water thawing or counter thawing you have to more tightly follow recommendations, regardless of always being aware of them, as these are deemed not safe and can lead to foodborne illnesses and bacteria multiplying.

Even Defrosting: As highlighted by some of our thawing fails, you want to make sure to use a defrosting tray to get a uniform thaw. Other methods can result in an uneven thaw which is an uneven cook and can result in undercook portions. Check your meat cook temps to ensure proper doneness.

Save Time: Don’t waste time with the outdated running the sink over a bowl of water. Who even has time to leave their food on the counter to defrost all day? Depending on the thickness of your food, you can save hours with ThawTable!

Sleek Design: Don’t worry about saving space, with the same size as your normal cutting board and its super thin profile, you can slide ThawTable next to your fridge, stack with your cutting boards, or store flat on top or an appliance.

Have some defrosting nightmares you want to share, before finding ThawTable? Let us know @ThawTable or leave a comment below.

Happy Defrosting!

Learn more about how do defrosting trays work.

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