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Essential Grilling and Kitchen Tools You've Been Missing Out On...and Should Order!

Kitchen Labs Flavor Infuser Premium Meat Injector For BBQ Grilling Smoking
Have you ever had guest over at our house and someone keeps sprinkling salt on, or scooping the juice from the bottom of the baking pan? With the Kitchen Labs Flavor Infuser Meat Injector, stop struggling to flavor your food. Their "Flavor Infuser" Meat Injector lets our flavor penetrate and be absorbed by the meat from a better end product! Setting itself apart as entirely 304 grade stainless steel, The Kitchen Labs Injector comes with 3  steel Marinade Injector Needles(for different cuts and sizes of meat), Two Cleaning brushes, and a silicone pastry/marinade brush. Ohh and did we mention the grill master carrying case when when your tailgating or grilling on the go?
Best BBQ Grill Brush for cleaning grill great on smokers and bbq 18 inch stainless steel
Looking for the best Grill brush, the name alone has you covered, but grate cleaning performance is what lets it keep of the name of BEST BBQ Grill Brush. With its competitors, its price sets itself apart as the best, once again. With their 18' cleaning brush(10' of handle 8" of cleaning brush, you have enough distance from the heat of a hot grill, but still the grip to put some force into scraping the grates. With their three brushes in one technology, clean the same grill, Smoker, Big Green Egg, Nomad Grill, or Trager 5X faster! Right now save an extra 15% with their coupon.

Our favorite grill gloves to protect our hands from heat for grilling, smoker, fireplace. QuickSurvive heat resistant gloves.
I think it is safe to say everyone has grabbed something way too hot before. Whether it be a way too hot coffee from microwave, embered log, grill lid, or you forget you were using a cast iron pan instead of a non-stick pan, you have seared and burned your hand. With the QuickSurvive Heat Resistant fire safety gloves, you can easily pick up hot objects with great dexterity and grip. If you have a fire pit, fireplace, habitually use your cast iron pan for steaks(Wagyu or prime USDA) this glove will bring your game to a new level! PS. If you haven't tried out their QuickSurvive Fire Starters, they are easily the best fire starters for camping, survival, grills and smokers, any other category we are missing(They truly raised the fire starting bar) haha.

The ultimate grill upgrade to turn your charcoal grill into a smoker with the Slow N Sear Deluxe
Looking at how to smoke with your traditional weber kettle grill? The Slow 'N Sear is the closest you will get and best bang for your buck, second to a full on smoker. Their basket enables you to fill it with a full chimney of briquettes that will last for 8+ hours of low and slow cooking. Besides the cost savings of reducing charcoal consumption, this is prime for smoking meat and veggies! Their built in water reservoir, which you'll thank for keeping your meat moist while you are smoking, can hold one quart of water(Which generates 5+ hours of steam at 225 degrees Fahrenheit). By far this is the single best accessory for the weber kettle grill, to date! ThawTable Tidbit: The works on the Weber original 22 inch, Weber Performer 22 in, Slow 'N Sear Original Kettle Grill, and just about and just about any other 22 inch kettle grill that follows the same profile. Not feeling deluxe? Go with the Slow 'N Sear Original for 22" Charcoal Grill from SnS Grills and save $40.
MEATER Our Favorite Smart Thermometer Wifi best available BBQ Smoking Grilling
So we haven’t actually personally ever used a MEATER  thermometer before, but we’ve been following the BBQ, Grilling and Smoking game for a bit. From Celebrity Instagram chefs, World famous chefs, TikTok cooking legends, to Netflix BBQ Showdown, we’ve seen it all end there all using MEATER smart thermometer. See below (photos with captions using it), here it is and hopefully we’ll have one in the office soon or at home with all of us grilling snd cheffing it up. Not feeling the plus? Go with the Original MEATER smart Meat Thermometer and still have 33 feet of true wireless control and save $30.

Butcher Paper

Looking for the perfect finish to preserve your bark butcher paper is what you need. This goes above and beyond from Aluminum foil, which will continue to cook your meat master and brings in a sort of hybrid of parchment paper with the waxy-like non-stick coating.

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