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The Cut Of Beef That Broke The Internet - Chateaubriand

When we first heard about the Chateaubriand we didn't really know what it was. We knew fillet mignon well, quite well to say the least, and we knew beef tenderloin, as Beef Wellington is a favorite of ours. However, then we made our way down the cow, courtesy of our friends at CrowdCow and Mishima Reserve, and found the Chateaubriand. If you are really trying to narrow down where the cut comes from, Chateaubriand is cut from the center of the short loin, and is essentially a large center-cut fillet of beef tenderloin. Don't worry if you are still confused, just give the cut a try and you will be wondering when you are ordering your next one. It was really honestly one of the most wonderful, cuts of beef we have had, from texture to flavor. Considering it is one of the larger cuts out there, ours having been 2.25 Pounds, it is a great family feeder. To say the least, Mishima Reserve really delivered an extraordinary raised cow and went above and beyond in delivering quality meat. It is a precedent hard to beat, starting with such a good quality of wagyu beef, especially with the Chateaubriand cut.
Frozen Mishima reserve Chateaubriand steak from crowdcow online order
Even when frozen, you can see the legendary marbling Mishima Reserve has in their elevated cross Wagyu breed.
Slated Mishima Reserve Chateaubriand from crowd cow ready to be cooked for family dinner
Straight out of the package and right into some kosher salt and hint of fresh pepper. If you admired how the steak was looking before, our mouth really started watering here. Some might say Marbled Madness!
Perfectly Cooked Mishima Reserve Chateaubriand from CrowdCow
Once we saw started slicing the Chateaubriand, you could see the perfect texture. Now it was just a matter of holding off devouring these slices, before plating!
ThawTable Perfectly cooked Mishima reserve Chateaubriand from crowdcow plated
Once the steak hit the plate, we new Chateaubriand was truly a give change cut of beef. Now all we were missing to complete the meal, was our red wine sauce.
Adding wine sauce to perfectly cooked Mishima reserve Chateaubriand from online meat order
Now this is the true cherry on top, or at least the savory counter part! The red wine shallot sauce adds an amazing accompanying taste and while still hot, will cook your cut of meat slightly more.
Wine sauce and Chateaubriand from crowdcow plated recipe
We were ecstatic with the Chateaubriand steak, even before it left the cast iron. Now look at this beautiful steak that broke the internet.
Want to make your own, check out our full recipe on how to perfectly cast iron sear a Chateaubriand steak with a shallot red wine reduction sauce.

No clue where to get 
Chateaubriand? Or want the best quality Chateaubriand, sourced directly from the ranch? Our friends at CrowdCow have you covered.
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