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The amazing thing about Porter Road and what sets themselves apart from many of the online meat boutiques, Wagyu Subscription boxes and exceptionally high end imported Japanese Meats, is how much of the process is done in house. A lot of online meat boxes, some of best, outsource nearly every process, from the sourcing of the meat(this can good), to processing, packing and shipping. Porter Road however, sources from pastures in only three states, in the United States, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. To top it off, all of the dry aging and butchering is hand cut in their own facility's. To say the least, Porter Road is setting the precedent when it comes to hands on control and oversight of the high-quality meat they are sending to your door. To top it off, they delivery nationwide and will delivery for free if your order is over $100.
Some online meat sites will lock you into recurring delivery. If you know what you like and you like allot this can be great. With Porter Road, you can actually order once, or simply things by subscribing to a schedule that works best for you.

Order Porter Road Online Pastured Raised Hormone Free Meat sourced in KY, TN and PA dry aged and Hand-cutting.
Porter Road Best Source Pastured Raised Hormone Free Meat sourced in KY, TN, and PA Dry aging and Hand-cutting.

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