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Born in New York City in the heart of the Meatpacking District, we launched to provide anyone from iron chefs, to grandma's kitchen helper, with the best cooking utensils, Grilling gear supplies, Household gadgets, and high quality meat and seafood from the most reputable sources. We started with packing meat on our shelves, and brought the rest of the kitchen and patio with us, for you and your whole family.

The last couple months I’ve been working on building a cool project, Meatpacking Market NYC. Growing up just blocks from the Meatpacking District, to say the least, what it is today is nothing like what it was when I grew up, and definitely nothing like what it was when my parents grew up. The iconic Meatpacking District, nestled between Chelsea and Greenwich Village, in lower Manhattan, went from the center and heart of meat processing in the United States, to only having just about one block of meat processing. Previously, when you looked up, you used to see meat, whole cows hung by hooks to be exact, but most of it’s been long phased out and looking up will likely greet you with a hard to pronounce designer name.

Back in the 1930’s, In just a few square blocks, New York City’s Meatpacking District was so crucial to America's Meat supply, the industry was even subsidized by the City of New York This can been looked at as an equivalent to farm subsidies for essential crops, to ensure the fresh supply of quality local meats and the huge job market behind it. It is worth checking out the full history of the Meatpacking District. Fast forward a few years and most of the Meatpacking district is nestled under the the downtown end of the High Line and new Whitney Museum.

We’ve seen the rise and fall, and the rise and fall again of the Meatpacking District during Covid 19. When COVID hit New York City’s Meatpacking district went down to one of the lowest vacancy points since the post processing prime, I’ve ever seen it. From stores shuttered, to just an empty ghost town of what used to be crowded streets, was nothing like what it had grown to become. With physically less people and unprecedented uncertainty, we wanted to bring the heart of the Meatpacking District, online, and curate a way for New Yorkers to cook, grill and feast at home. At the time I thought there was no better thing to do than to highlight businesses that were rooted in the meatpacking district and provide high quality Meat, Kitchen Supplies, Barbecue, and all around culinary, gadgets, goods, and utensils to all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds of chefs. See our New York Nook to directly support New York Businesses...besides us :).

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