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The Dry Aged Directory

Q: What is dry aging or dry aged?
A: As far as we know, you can dry age just about anything. The two main processes you are accomplishing, is moisture is being pulled from the meat and bacteria is being formed. Naturally, fat retains more moisture, resulting in the leaner muscle to shrink around the fat. The second main process that is happening is bacteria is forming around the outside of the cut of meat. Yes, Bacteria! The quickest way to calm your fears if you are freaking out, is with Blue cheese which is made with cultures of the mold Penicillium.

Q: What do I get from dry aging?
  There is a lot that you can get from the couple days or weeks you dry age. Do note, both wet and dry aging can increase the tenderness of your cut of meat. Most people do it for the flavor and tenderness of the meat. At ThawTable you will rarely find us defrosting a steak that is not dry aged, wagyu, or a combo of the two. Why? The flavors are a whole new level!

Q: Where can I get dry aged beef?
A: Crowd Cow has a huge selection of dry-aged beef and is a great go to for stocking up on meat, a head of time or ordering meat in the mail for recurring subscription. You'll find options of 15 day dry-aged to 45 day dry-aged and when it comes to cuts, just like your neighborhood butcher, they have everything from New York Strips and Top Sirloins, to Bone-In Ribeye and Dry-Aged ground Wagyu! Find out About or Order Crow Cow

Q: Can I dry age a cut of meat after it has been frozen?
 Yes, you can dry-age your cut of beef after it was frozen, as long as  it was wet aged prior to freezing. This recommendation came from prime USDA Prime Angus and has shown to capture and preserve phenomenal quality in your cut of meat. This is a great example of how you can take a "just alright" cut of meat and amplify the quality and, of course, flavor.

Q: What is the best temperature to have your dry ager at?
A: No matter if you are DIY aging your meat in your kitchen fridge at home, using a Steak Locker, or a Dry Ager brand, the best temperature to dry age any cut of meat is between 32 degrees and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can you dry age at any temperature?
A: No, too high of a dry ager temperature and you are spoiling what you have, too low of a dry-ager temperature and you can freeze your meat. As mentioned above, the perfect temperature to dry age at is between 32 degrees and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can you use dry age trimmings?
A: Yes, definitely don’t throw them out! We always wondered what do with dry aged trimmings. The best use for dry-age trimmings is a rich and flavorful stock. Use the trimmings to make one of the best beef stocks you have ever tried, but be sure you bring your stock to a boil to kill off any potentially harmful bacteria.

 While dry aged beef is considered a higher quality and usually has a reflecting price tag, funny enough, all beef used to be dry aged. This was crucial to preserving quality and freshness of meat. When there were innovations in coolants and refrigeration, specifically climate controlled railroad cars in the 1960’s, wet aged beef was readably more available and adopted. 






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