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Where Can I Get Exotic Meat?

Whether you are thinking Bison, Elk, Moose, Olive Wagyu you've come to the right place because we have you covered with where to get it all!

Bison Meat: If you are looking for pasture raised bison meat, you came to the right place. Compared to beef, Bison is leaner, having a sweeter taste and a quicker cook time. Bison has nearly 25% less calories than beef, give its lower fat content. If your looking for a leaner beef with a bit more gamey flavor you should order some Bison.

ThawTable Tidbit: Bison is also referred to as Buffalo meat.

Elk Meat: The best way to describe Elk is a hybrid of beef and venison. When it comes to comparing against common household meats, Elk is richer in protein than beef, chicken and pork. It has less cholesterol too! With being high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, Elk is a fan favorite!

ThawTable Tidbit: Venison comes from Deer(No it is not just called Deer meat!).

Wagyu: When you think Wagyu, Japan comes to mind. While Wagyu has become more popular in America, in homes and restaurants, and ranches have become more common in the United States, Japan is still responsible for the highest quality Wagyu Steaks. In the US "American Wagyu" is commonly a crossbreed of Angus (or known as Washugyu), which has a bit less marbling and is a darker red color.

ThawTable Tidbit: Wagyu meat was not allowed to be imported into the US for three years until 2012, when the ban was lifted.

Olive Wagyu: Considered the cream of the crop, The bees knees of wagyu. Unless we have missed something, there is nothing toping it on the grade of steaks. It has been coined the rarest steak on the planet and the world(unless there is some Mars Wagyu). Like a lot of us, by the time you learn about Olive Wagyu, it impossible to find, or sold out. Crowd Cow is bringing back Olive Wagyu on March 17th at 11 AM PST. Head over here to gain first access at their Olive Wagyu. What makes Olive Wagyu so special? There is one breed of cow, the Kuroge Washu breed, that is exclusively used for Olive Wagyu meat and is raised on a strict diet of toasted olive pulp.

ThawTable Tidbit: Ever year in Japan there is the Wagyu Olympics 

Game Meat: Want to explore the realm of Game Meats head Here






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